Accounts Northeast is a great new site for helping new and existing businesses find a great accountant. If you happen to be start up business I would highly recommend getting a tax and finance expert on board in the shape of a good local accountant. The North East has a bad rep down south for being stuck in the past but the truth is, we are a thriving and competitive economy and have so many industries and competitive businesses it is crazy.

To get off to a good start you need advice and you need help, your competitors will be doing this so you should be as well. Getting a head start is crucuial. If you are entering a market that is already saturated with other businesses then you need all the help you can get. These people are established, they have a loyal customer base, people trust them, they are well known locally. In order to get a slice of their pie isn’t going to be easy. This is where the advice of a seasoned professional can come in handy. They have been around the block, they know their onions, they are probably even dealing with your rivals. They have a whole world of untapped knowledge. The problem is they won’t give it to you for nothing but if you get these guys talking you can learn a lot. I used to go through the motions, hand my paper work in and pay the bill, I’d never even met the guy.

After receiving a bit of advice I changed tactics. I went in and got to know him. Really cool guy and we now hang out socially every now and then. This has given me invaluable amounts of knowledge on business tactics in general and I’ve turned a start up into an industry leader in only a few short years. So my best advice is to talk to people in the industry, get to know your rivals, find out as much as you can and get an accountant!