Spray paint aerosols and kingspan cladding repairs

If you’ve ever needed to buy spray paints you know it can be a complete minefield. There are many colour options to start with. RAL, Pantone, British Standard, Anodised etc etc. the list is endless. Then you have to know about paint types like acrylic or cellulose.

Luckily I have found a website that makes the purchase of spray paints very easy! spraytechnologiesaerosols.com have made the process as simple as possible meaning you no longer need to worry about being a paint expert.

If you are still stuck you can contact them directly too and they will be happy to help. They are part of the spray-clad.co.uk group.

Recently needed some panel repairs doing on my office building so I went ahead and contacted spray clad again, their kingspan cladding repairs service was absolutely first class once again. Panel repairs are something I have no knowledge of, so I always call in the experts. Some things are better left to the professionals!